Prius Photo Album #130

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Fuel & MPG gauges are hidden when a steering-wheel button is touched  (Mon. 1/12/2009):

Prius_DetroitReveal_29 Prius_DetroitReveal_30  


Close-Ups of the new indicators and Energy Monitor from the 2010 Prius  (Mon. 1/12/2009):

Prius_DetroitReveal_31 Prius_DetroitReveal_32 Prius_DetroitReveal_33
Prius_DetroitReveal_34 Prius_DetroitReveal_35 Prius_DetroitReveal_36


Some of the other 2010 Prius information display options available  (Mon. 1/12/2009):

Prius_DetroitReveal_37 Prius_DetroitReveal_38 Prius_DetroitReveal_40
Prius_DetroitReveal_41 Prius_DetroitReveal_42  


Notice the transition in-progress, illustrating the touch-tracer overlay  (Mon. 1/12/2009):



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