Prius Photo Album #132

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Saw more while driving home, under different lighting, couldn't resist  (Sat. 4/04/2009):

Prius_NightSnow_46 Prius_NightSnow_47 Prius_NightSnow_48


Not soaked to the bone yet, I wandered into the park for even more  (Sat. 4/04/2009):

Prius_NightSnow_49 Prius_NightSnow_50 Prius_NightSnow_51
Prius_NightSnow_52 Prius_NightSnow_53  


This is likely to be the last photos of my 2004 Speedometer cluster  (Sun. 5/24/2009):

PriusSpeedometer_118091-miles_normal PriusSpeedometer_118091-miles_bright  


These were the final moments, upgrading from a 2004 model to a 2010  (Tues. 5/26/2009):

Prius_2004-FinalMoments_01 Prius_2004-FinalMoments_02 Prius_2004-FinalMoments_03


Shortly after getting home from trading the 2004 model for a 2010  (Tues. 5/26/2009):



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