Prius Photo Album #134

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Along the way to take Prius photos, my first 2010 encounter took place  (Sat. 5/30/2009):

Prius_2010-FirstEncounter_01 Prius_2010-FirstEncounter_02 Prius_2010-FirstEncounter_03

How can you not feel anything but love seeing the MPG so high  (Thurs. 6/04/2009):

Prius-MID_EcoMeter_RandomTrip-03 Prius-MID_Consumption-1min_RandomTrip-03 Prius-MID_Consumption-5min_RandomTrip-03


This is the result of a highway round-trip, note the speed average  (Sun. 6/14/2009):



Using the photo feature of my video camera, I got these action shots  (Fri. 6/19/2009):

Prius-MID_EcoMeter-Charge_SummerTank-01 Prius-MID_EcoMeter-Green_SummerTank-01 Prius-MID_EcoMeter-White_SummerTank-01


It was quite a challenge capturing such a wide area in focus at once  (Fri. 6/19/2009):

Prius-MID_Speedo-Eco-Charge_SummerTank-01 Prius-MID_Speedo-Eco-Green_SummerTank-01 Prius-MID_Speedo-Eco-White_SummerTank-01


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