Prius Photo Album #147

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Further down the road, there was a rainbow from the last of the rain  (Weds. 7/22/2009):

Prius_Rainbow_18 Prius_Rainbow_19 Prius_Rainbow_20


Determined to capture a few more shots of the rainbow, I kept driving  (Weds. 7/22/2009):

Prius_Rainbow_24 Prius_Rainbow_23  


Discovered this forgotten Classic model photo from very long ago  (Sat. 3/23/2002):



2 bikes on back and a 3-wheeler inside, plus lots of stuff for the trip  (Sat. 4/17/2010):

Prius_SpringBikeTrip_01 Prius_SpringBikeTrip_02 Prius_SpringBikeTrip_03
Prius_SpringBikeTrip_04 Prius_SpringBikeTrip_06 Prius_SpringBikeTrip_05


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