Prius Photo Album #151

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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I sure enjoyed capturing all these final cold & wet moments with the 2004  (Sun. 4/05/2009):

Prius_Snow_168 Prius_Snow_169 Prius_Snow_176
Prius_Snow_171 Prius_Snow_175 Prius_Snow_172
Prius_Snow_170 Prius_Snow_173 Prius_Snow_174


A rare opportunity, stumbled across this picturesque field of sunflowers  (Fri. 7/30/2010):

Prius_Sunflowers_03 Prius_Sunflowers_02 Prius_Sunflowers_01
Prius_Sunflowers_04 Prius_Sunflowers_05 Prius_Sunflowers_06


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