Prius Photo Album #157

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Here's a blast from the past, back when the 2010 was still quite new  (Tues. 7/09/2009):

Prius-MID_Consumption-5min_RandomTrip-04 Prius-MID_Consumption-1min_RandomTrip-04  


Notice how that same drive a month later resulted in different regen  (Sun. 8/16/2009):



Remember this same scenic location 9 years ago with the Classic Prius  (Fri. 7/30/2010):

Prius_ByTheLake_12 Prius_ByTheLake_13 Prius_ByTheLake_14
Prius_ByTheLake_18 Prius_ByTheLake_16 Prius_ByTheLake_17
Prius_ByTheLake_15 Prius_ByTheLake_19 Prius_ByTheLake_20


Along a country highway up north, I couldn't resist stopping for photos  (Tues. 8/03/2010):

Prius_HayFields_01 Prius_HayFields_02  


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