Prius Photo Album #162

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Following a nasty storm that dropped 17 inches of snow, the temperature plummeted.
It was -6°F for the slow morning commute and 1°F on the way home  
(Mon. 12/13/2010):

Prius-MID_Consumption_VeryColdCommute-01a Prius-MID_Consumption_VeryColdCommute-01b  


The commute was 0°F there and 10°F for the drive back  (Tues. 12/14/2010):

Prius-MID_Consumption_VeryColdCommute-02a Prius-MID_Consumption_VeryColdCommute-02b  


It warmed up to 18°F, both directions of today's commute  (Thurs. 12/16/2010):

Prius-MID_Consumption_VeryColdCommute-03a Prius-MID_Consumption_VeryColdCommute-03b  


Normal 19°F commute, but lots of snow at 23°F going home  (Mon. 12/20/2010):

Prius-MID_Consumption_VeryColdCommute-04a Prius-MID_Consumption_VeryColdCommute-04b  


Taking photos with a flash in the dark during a heavy snowfall  (Weds. 12/23/2010):

Prius_NightSnowFlash_23 Prius_NightSnowFlash_24 Prius_NightSnowFlash_25
Prius_NightSnowFlash_26 Prius_NightSnowFlash_28 Prius_NightSnowFlash_27


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