Prius Photo Album #168

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Many years ago, we shipped a new Prius from California to Minnesota  (Mon. 1/27/2003):

Prius_Delivery_01 Prius_Delivery_02 Prius_Delivery_03
Prius_Delivery_04 Prius_Delivery_05 Prius_Delivery_06


I had an opportunity to examine the larger model Prius prior to rollout  (Tues. 5/10/2011):

Prius-V_front_01 Prius-V_front_02 Prius-V_front_03
Prius-V_front_06 Prius-V_front_04 Prius-V_front_05
Prius-V_front_07 Prius-V_front_08  


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