Prius Photo Album #171

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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There's a surprising amount of flexible space available for storing cargo  (Tues. 5/10/2011):

Prius-V_cargo_01 Prius-V_cargo_07 Prius-V_cargo_05
Prius-V_cargo_06 Prius-V_cargo_04 Prius-V_cargo_03
Prius-V_cargo_08 Prius-V_cargo_09 Prius-V_cargo_10


Some familiar dashboard features, some stuff introduced with this model  (Tues. 5/10/2011):

Prius-V_buttons_01 Prius-V_buttons_02 Prius-V_buttons_03
Prius-V_buttons_04 Prius-V_buttons_05 Prius-V_buttons_06


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