Prius Photo Album #175

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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You can check charging status of your PHV using a smart-phone  (Fri. 3/16/2012):

Prius-PHV_Phone-Status-Charging-01 Prius-PHV_Phone-Status-Complete-01  


Here's the results of my third tank, refilled early a weekend trip  (Fri. 4/13/2012):

Prius-PHV_ThirdTank_Energy Prius-PHV_ThirdTank_DriveRatio Prius-PHV_ThirdTank_Monthly


With a smart-phone, you can verify the timer and start charging  (Fri. 4/13/2012):



Noticed the software upgrade, the button labels are now colored  (Sat. 4/28/2012):

Prius-PHV_Phone-Status-Requesting-01 Prius-PHV_Phone-Status-Charging-02  


Finally got warm enough outside to try the remote A/C feature  (Thurs. 5/03/2012):

Prius-PHV_Phone-Status-Climate-01 Prius-PHV_Phone-Status-Climate-02 Prius-PHV_Phone-Status-Climate-03


Looking back at results of my first drive with the 2012 PHV  (Mon. 3/12/2012):



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