Prius Photo Album #178

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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New location, new camera, new Prius, and a great sunset  (Weds. 10/10/2012):

Prius_Sunset_100 Prius_Sunset_99 Prius_Sunset_101
Prius_Sunset_102 Prius_Sunset_100 Prius_Sunset_103
Prius_Sunset_105 Prius_Sunset_103 Prius_Sunset_107


This time of year, it can be rewarding to have a camera handy  (Mon. 10/15/2012):

Prius_Sunset_108 Prius_Sunset_109 Prius_Sunset_110


Plugged in at the parking ramp, just as the sun was setting  (Mon. 10/29/2012):

Prius_Sunset_116 Prius_Sunset_117  


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