Prius Photo Album #185

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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What the dashboard camera captured while I drove to work  (Fri. 12/06/2013):

Prius-PHV_MorningCommute-Minus8F_snapshot-1 Prius-PHV_MorningCommute-Minus8F_snapshot-2 Prius-PHV_MorningCommute-Minus8F_snapshot-3


It gets messy in the Winter, but the Prius handles it fine  (Weds. 12/04/2013):

Prius-PHV_Snow_186 Prius-PHV_Snow_187 Prius-PHV_Snow_188
Prius-PHV_Snow_190 Prius-PHV_Snow_189 Prius-PHV_Snow_192
Prius-PHV_Snow_196 Prius-PHV_Snow_193 Prius-PHV_Snow_194
Prius-PHV_Snow_191 Prius-PHV_Snow_195  


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