Prius Photo Album #187

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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While on a trip to Wyoming, we stopped to look at the coal mine  (Sun. 1/03/2016):

Prius-PHV_AtTheCoalMine_01 Prius-PHV_AtTheCoalMine_02  


I got a new video camera, this was the result of some test footage  (Fri. 7/22/2016):

Prius-PHV_RandomSummerCommute_TripSummary Prius-PHV_RandomSummerCommute_DriveRatio Prius-PHV_RandomSummerCommute_Consump-1min


With that new video camera, I filmed a commute to work  (Mon. 8/08/2016):

Prius-PHV_SummerCommuteWork_TripSummary Prius-PHV_SummerCommuteWork_DriveRatio Prius-PHV_SummerCommuteWork_Consump-1min


That same day, I also captured the commute drive home  (Mon. 8/08/2016):

Prius-PHV_SummerCommuteHome_TripSummary Prius-PHV_SummerCommuteHome_DriveRatio Prius-PHV_SummerCommuteHome_Consump-1min


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