Prius Photo Album #209

Last Updated: Weds. 4/20/2022

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My first encounter with another Prius while out with the Prime  (Sun. 4/02/2017):



Spotted my wife's new Prime in the dealership lot, prior to the call  (Tues. 5/30/2017):

Prius-Prime_RedOnLot_01 Prius-Prime_RedOnLot_02 Prius-Prime_RedOnLot_03
Prius-Prime_RedOnLot_04 Prius-Prime_RedOnLot_05  


Her shining new Prius Prime parked so we could take a first photo  (Thurs. 6/01/2017):



Our first drive together, a rendevzous for dinner with both Prime  (Fri. 6/02/2017):



Setup for her level-2 charger (EVSE) in the garage, prior to wiring  (Sat. 6/03/2017):



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