Prius Photo Album #213

Last Updated: Thurs. 4/21/2022

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We are now getting reminders of Winter's deep freeze coming soon  (Fri. 12/29/2017):



Plugged in while after holiday shopping at the Mall Of America  (Weds. 1/03/2018):



The entrance to a favorite food specialty shop on the way up north  (Sat. 4/14/2018):

Prius-Prime_NearTheDepot_03 Prius-Prime_NearTheDepot_01 Prius-Prime_NearTheDepot_02
Prius-Prime_NearTheDepot_04 Prius-Prime_NearTheDepot_06 Prius-Prime_NearTheDepot_07
Prius-Prime_NearTheDepot_05 Prius-Prime_NearTheDepot_08  


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