Prius Photo Album #214

Last Updated: Sat. 4/23/2022

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Taking time off up north, with a fresh blanket of heavy, wet snow  (Mon. 4/16/2018):

Prius-Prime_UpNorthSnow_01 Prius-Prime_UpNorthSnow_02 Prius-Prime_UpNorthSnow_03
Prius-Prime_UpNorthSnow_04 Prius-Prime_UpNorthSnow_05  


Gasp!  There's another Prius Prime of the same funky blue color  (Weds. 5/30/2018):



A random sunset at a location to soon be filled with new businesses  (Mon. 6/25/2018):



Summer fun, spending the day at Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis  (Mon. 7/20/2018):

Prius-Prime_Kayak_03 Prius-Prime_Kayak_04 Prius-Prime_Kayak_05


Parking here now, since the for work ramp is closed for repairs  (Weds. 6/27/2018):



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