Prius Photo Album #215

Last Updated: Sun. 4/24/2022

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Scored this parking spot at the restuarant, next to a Ford Model A  (Fri. 7/06/2018):



Another encounter with my mother-in-law's Prius and my wife's Prime  (Fri. 7/06/2018):



Where we parked in Minneapolis, to walk around one of the lakes  (Mon. 7/09/2018):



A favorite Summer activity for us is spending the day out kayaking  (Sat. 8/18/2018):

Prius-Prime_Kayak_06 Prius-Prime_Kayak_07  


Back at the bike trail in Southern Minnesota, enjoying Summer  (Fri. 7/27/2018):



This was fun.  We held a plug-in drive event at the local ski resort  (Weds. 9/12/2018):

Prius-Prime_EventShowing_03 Prius-Prime_EventShowing_04 Prius-Prime_EventShowing_02


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