Prius Photo Album #217

Last Updated: Mon. 4/25/2022

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The Leaf that parked here daily got replaced with a Honda Clarity  (Fri. 4/10/2019):

Prius-Prime_WithHondaClarity_05 Prius-Prime_PluggedAtWork_05  


Got together for breakfast, before going our seperate ways  (Fri. 6/07/2019):



Another breakfast rendevzous, with an especially nice background  (Mon. 6/17/2019):



The new powerwasher fit inside just fine, even with the seats up  (Tues. 6/18/2019):

Prius-Prime_PowerWasher_01 Prius-Prime_PowerWasher_02 Prius-Prime_PowerWasher_03
Prius-Prime_PowerWasher_04 Prius-Prime_PowerWasher_05  


I plug in at the park to recharge while we are on the lake kayaking  (Sat. 6/29/2019):


At a different lake with the kayaks for another great day together  
(Fri. 7/26/2019):



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