Prius Photo Album #218

Last Updated: Sun. 4/24/2022

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It is quite amazing how much you can stuff inside with seats down  (Sun. 7/07/2019):

Prius-Prime_StuffedFull_01 Prius-Prime_StuffedFull_02  


Went over to the library to check the location for an upcoming event  (Mon. 7/15/2019):

Prius-Prime_AtTheLibrary_01 Prius-Prime_AtTheLibrary_02 Prius-Prime_AtTheLibrary_03


Back to grandpa's for more stuff.  Notice a lawn mower within all that  (Mon. 7/22/2019):

Prius-Prime_StuffedFull_03 Prius-Prime_StuffedFull_04  


Here is the event itself at the library.  There were a lot of people there  (Tues. 7/23/2019):



This is another event... with 2 very unexpected sets of doppelgangers  (Tues. 8/13/2019):



One last great weather event before the warm season comes to an end  (Sat. 9/14/2019):

Prius-Prime_EventShowing_06 Prius-Prime_EventShowing_07  


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