Prius Photo Album #219

Last Updated: Mon. 4/25/2022

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Seeing two deer when looking out the window was quite unexpected  (Thurs. 10/03/2019):

Prius-Prime_Deer_01 Prius-Prime_Deer_02  


Two red Prime together was a photo opportunity too good to pass  (Tues. 10/15/2019):



I was a nice surprise to discover such a small EV charging next to me  (Weds. 11/20/2019):



It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here, with a Prius Prime  (Tues. 11/26/2019):



My Prime parked here in Wyoming while a blizzard passed through  (Sun. 12/01/2019):

Prius-Prime_WyomingSnow_01 Prius-Prime_WyomingSnow_02  


I got a great parking spot while out during busy holiday shopping  (Mon. 12/09/2019):



Another snowy commute to work and snowy recharge while there  (Thurs. 12/12/2019):



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