Prius Photo Album #220

Last Updated: Mon. 4/25/2022

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Recharging the Prius Prime all alone while at work on this snowy day  (Fri. 1/17/2020):



Still filling up the Prime with stuff each time we stop at grandpa's house  (Sat. 1/25/2020):



While out visiting with a friend for dinner, it snowed rather heavily  (Mon. 2/17/2020):

SnowWhileParked_01 SnowWhileParked_02  


I discovered this in my new tire, after getting the low-pressure warning  (Sat. 3/21/2020):

Prius-Prime_FirstFlatTire_01 Prius-Prime_FirstFlatTire_02 Prius-Prime_FirstFlatTire_03


These two new plug-in yard care devices fit just fine inside the Prime  (Sun. 6/21/2020):



Outside seating for Covid-19, what a strange new sitiation we have  (Sat. 8/15/2020):



My first RAV4 Prime sighting.  The owner was very, very excited  (Fri. 10/02/2020):



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