Prius Photo Album #221

Last Updated: Sun. 9/18/2022

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Found another screw, resulting in another tire needing replacement  (Thurs. 4/01/2021):

Prius-Prime_SecondFlatTire_01 Prius-Prime_SecondFlatTire_02 Prius-Prime_SecondFlatTire_03


A random charger we found while attending an outdoor music event  (Tues. 5/11/2021):



These new chargers are great!  My wife will be able to use them weekly  (Sat. 7/17/2021):



Fall colors are always a pleasant sight, especially with a Prius Prime  (Sun. 9/26/2021):

Prius-Prime_FallColors_01 Prius-Prime_FallColors_02  


While up north, I searched online and found this public charger  (Weds. 9/29/2021):

Prius-Prime_UpNorthCharging_01 Prius-Prime_UpNorthCharging_02  


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