Prius Photo Album #223

Last Updated: Mon. 10/10/2022

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We met some friends at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis to kayak  (Sun. 8/14/2022):

Prius-Prime_Kayak_10 Prius-Prime_Kayak_11  


While out & about, I decided to stop at the park for a walk & charge  (Sat. 9/17/2022):

Prius-Prime_RegionalPark_01 Prius-Prime_RegionalPark_02 Prius-Prime_RegionalPark_03
Prius-Prime_RegionalPark_04 Prius-Prime_RegionalPark_05 Prius-Prime_RegionalPark_06


Another presentation for plug-ins and gathering at the Library  (Tues. 9/13/2022):

Prius-Prime_RosevilleLibraryGathering_01 Prius-Prime_RosevilleLibraryGathering_02 Prius-Prime_RosevilleLibraryGathering_03


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