Prius Photo Album #27

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Winter again!  (Tues. 11/27/2001):

Prius_NightSnow_10 Prius_NightSnow_11 Prius_NightSnow_12
Prius_NightSnow_13 Prius_NightSnow_14  


A heavy snowfall, just in time for the holidays  (Sat. 12/22/2001):

Prius_Snow_49 Prius_Snow_50 Prius_Snow_51


I needed a more up-to-date photo since I was updating the Info-Sheet  (Sat. 1/12/2002):



The "Floating Half-E" is an extremely rare situation, now digitally captured  (Fri. 2/08/2002):



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