Prius Photo Album #42

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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The final few minutes of the "Golden Hour", which comes much earlier in the Fall  (Fri. 9/27/2002):

Prius_Fall_12 Prius_Fall_13 Prius_Fall_14
Prius_Fall_15 Prius_Fall_16 Prius_Fall_17


Heavy Snow traffic delays caused this interesting Multi-Display pattern  (Tues. 11/05/2002):



My best ever single-tank performance in Cold Weather  (Weds. 11/20/2002):



Hybrid meets Renewable, that's extremely clean meets entirely clean  (Mon. 12/09/2002):



Horribly cold on this commute (-8F most of the way), yet wonderfully efficient  (Thurs. 1/23/2003):



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