Prius Photo Album #48

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Here's a few more "dirty" Prius photos  (Sun. 3/02/2003):

Prius_RoadSpraySnow_52 Prius_RoadSpraySnow_53 Prius_RoadSpraySnow_54


Blue Moon Pearl, the Prius color that isn't available anymore  (Mon. 3/24/2003):
Thank you Mary for letting me play with your Prius and the digital camera!

Prius_BlueMoonPearl_01 Prius_BlueMoonPearl_02 Prius_BlueMoonPearl_03
Prius_BlueMoonPearl_04 Prius_BlueMoonPearl_05 Prius_BlueMoonPearl_06
Prius_BlueMoonPearl_07 Prius_BlueMoonPearl_08 Prius_BlueMoonPearl_09
Prius_BlueMoonPearl_10 Prius_BlueMoonPearl_11  


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