Prius Photo Album #52

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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It was 93 F degrees out; that was enough to finally melt the remaining ice  (Mon. 4/14/2003):

Prius_Spring_33 Prius_Spring_34 Prius_Spring_35


Exploring the outback (Northern Minnesota) with a Prius  (Mon. 4/14/2003):

Prius_Spring_36 Prius_Spring_34 Prius_Spring_38
Prius_Spring_39 Prius_Spring_40  


When I got back, this parking spot caught my eye  (Mon. 4/14/2003):



This is what I saw (after warm-up) on my commute home this afternoon,
it's a fairly typical summary of what happens during the Summer 
(Weds. 6/04/2003):



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