Prius Photo Album #54

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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Whoa!  This is the highest average I've ever seen  (Mon. 7/28/2003):



While capturing time-lapse footage, I thought I'd snap a few still shots  (Fri. 8/01/2003):

Prius_Summer_65 Prius_Summer_66 Prius_Summer_67


It was exhausting and I got drenched, but the effort was definitely worth it  (Wed. 8/06/2003):

Prius_Rainbow_08 Prius_Rainbow_09 Prius_Rainbow_10
Prius_Rainbow_11 Prius_Rainbow_12 Prius_Rainbow_13
Prius_Rainbow_14 Prius_Rainbow_15  


The same predictable outstanding efficiency tank after tank   (Tues. 8/19/2003):



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