Prius Photo Album #55

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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This is my best tank efficiency ever... cool, eh?  (Mon. 9/08/2003):



Finding an open location to capture this sunset was quite a struggle.
Luckily, in the final moment before darkness, I stumbled across this field. 
(Tues. 9/16/2003):



Yeah!  I managed to catch another colorful sunset.  (Mon. 9/22/2003):

Prius_Sunset_12 Prius_Sunset_14 Prius_Sunset_13


Are those actually what I think they are?  (Mon. 10/13/2003):



Yup!  And there's more too!  (Mon. 10/13/2003):

2004_Sighting_02 2004_Sighting_03 2004_Sighting_04


This unexpected sighting today sure was a quite surprise.  (Mon. 10/13/2003):



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