Prius Photo Album #56

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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One final sunset photo with my classic Prius.  (Mon. 10/13/2003):



At Toyota's "Engines Of Change" event in St. Paul, Minnesota  (Weds. 10/15/2003):

Prius_2004-Sighting_06 Prius_2004-Sighting_07 Prius_2004-Sighting_08


Finally, a close-up look at the hybrid I've been patiently waiting for  (Weds. 10/15/2003):



Here's a point-of-view I don't get to observe to often, watching a test-drive from in back.
The results of the weren't too bad either, especially after how he drove  
(Weds. 10/15/2003):

Prius_WatchingSomeoneTestDrive Prius_AfterSomeonesTestDrive  


The 2004 Prius drew a look of attention.  The driver couldn't resist waving.  (Weds. 10/15/2003):



As usual, here's me playing with a Prius and a digital camera  (Weds. 10/15/2003):



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