Prius Photo Album #57

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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My final morning commute, the extremely heavy fog was great for efficiency  (Weds. 10/22/2003):



My classic and the next generation I'll be upgrading to in the morning  (Weds. 10/22/2003):

Prius_2004-FirstContact_01 Prius_2004-FirstContact_02 Prius_2004-FirstContact_03


Photos taken using a tripod and very slow digital shutter-speed  (Weds. 10/22/2003):

Prius_2004-FirstContact_04 Prius_2004-FirstContact_05  


Photos taken using a flash instead; notice the difference it made  (Weds. 10/22/2003):

Prius_2004-FirstContact_06 Prius_2004-FirstContact_07  


Just 13 miles before I sold my 2001 Prius, a bittersweet occasion  (Thurs. 10/23/2003):



The end results of my first tank of gas with the 2004 Prius  (Tues. 10/28/2003):



Did you know the 2004 Multi-Display offers 3 other color schemes  (Tues. 10/28/2003):

PriusConsumption_First2004Tank_Blue PriusConsumption_First2004Tank_Beige PriusConsumption_First2004Tank_Gray


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