Prius Photo Album #61

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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It was just a little bit on the cold side here in Minnesota today  (Mon. 1/05/2004):

PriusEnergy_MotorDriveEngineCharge_-2Fdegrees PriusEnergy_RestrainCreep_-2Fdegrees PriusEnergy_EngineMotorDrive_-2Fdegrees
PriusConsumption_CloseUp_-2Fdegrees_02 PriusEnergy_StartupCharge_-2Fdegrees PriusAirConditioner_-2Fdegrees


This photo of the Navigation System reveals another gathering location  (Sat. 1/17/2004):



Stealth, works surprisingly well (notice the green level), even in the cold  (Sat. 1/17/2004):



MPG stayed up there, despite the fact that the temperature didn't  (Sun. 1/18/2004):



It got even colder on this Minnesota Winter morning  (Thurs. 1/22/2004):

PriusEnergy_MotorDriveEngineCharge_-6Fdegrees PriusEnergy_BatteryDrive_-6Fdegrees PriusEnergy_EngineMotorDrive_-6Fdegrees
PriusConsumption_CloseUp_-6Fdegrees_02 PriusEnergy_StartupCharge_-6Fdegrees PriusAirConditioner_-6Fdegrees.jpg


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