Prius Photo Album #63

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Digitally documented my cold commute drive to work this morning  (Thurs. 1/29/2004):

PriusConsumption_Commute_-11Fdegrees_01 PriusConsumption_Commute_-11Fdegrees_02  


This ultimate test of cold weather resistance wasn't much of a challenge  (Fri. 1/30/2004):

PriusConsumption_CloseUp_-18Fdegrees_Blue PriusConsumption_CloseUp_-18Fdegrees_Beige PriusConsumption_CloseUp_-18Fdegrees_Green
PriusConsumption_CloseUp_-18Fdegrees_Gray PriusEnergy_Stopped_-18Fdegrees_Green-Level.jpg PriusEnergy_Stopped_-18Fdegrees_Blue-Level.jpg


The result of the drive home after sitting in that extreme cold for 9 hours  (Fri. 1/30/2004):



Here's all but one of the Prius that were able to attend the gathering today  (Sat. 1/31/2004):

Prius_Gathering_38 Prius_Gathering_37 Prius_Gathering_36


It took quite a bit of stealth driving in very heavy stop & slow traffic, caused by a nasty layer
of slippery snow, to make the battery drop down to the rare  PINK  level  (Mon. 2/02/2004):

PriusEnergy_Stopped_Pink-Level.jpg PriusEnergy_RestrainCreep_Pink-Level.jpg  


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