Prius Photo Album #95

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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I've always liked the "step" pattern.  The MPG is quite pleasing too.  (Weds. 5/11/2005):

PriusConsumption_StepPattern_Green PriusConsumption_StepPattern_Blue  


As the temperature continues to climb up, so does the efficiency  (Tues. 5/24/2005):

PriusConsumption_CloseUp_55MPG_Gray PriusConsumption_CloseUp_55MPG_Beige PriusConsumption_CloseUp_55MPG_Green


More shots of the Navigation System, and another gathering location  (Mon. 5/30/2005):

PriusNavigation_TwinCitiesNorth-Compass PriusNavigation_TwinCitiesNorth_01 PriusNavigation_TwinCitiesNorth_02


This was quite a sight, something I didn't expect on that evening drive  (Weds. 6/15/2005):

PriusConsumption_CloseUp_57MPG_Beige PriusConsumption_CloseUp_57MPG_Blue  


It's finally Summer!  Seeing a tank like this is absolutely fantastic.  (Tues. 6/21/2005):

PriusConsumption_AnotherPleasingTank_07_Blue PriusConsumption_AnotherPleasingTank_07_Green  


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