Prius Photo Album #97

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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This is the back of a storm-front, passing over while the sun was setting  (Tues. 6/07/2005):

Prius_StormClouds_01 Prius_StormClouds_02  


Wow!  This gathering was fantastic.  We had 15 Prius there at one point.  (Sat. 6/18/2005):

Prius_Gathering_47 Prius_Gathering_48 Prius_Gathering_49
Prius_Gathering_50 Prius_Gathering_51 Prius_Gathering_52
Prius_Gathering_53 Prius_Gathering_54 Prius_Gathering_55
Prius_Gathering_56 Prius_Gathering_57 Prius_Gathering_58


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