I was SO impressed with a Prius that a friend demonstrated to me, I decided that I would like one of these fascinating cars of my own.

I have owned my car since May 2002 and it has been the most reliable car I have ever had - I have never kept a car for so long. I love driving it and it never fails to impress me with the technology even though it has been been surpassed by later models, but I have not gotten round to upgrading as my Classic just keeps going.

You can also download MPG DATA in spreadsheet form (MS Excel) to see the average MPG I am achieving with my Prius here in the UK. Even after 9 years I am happy with a lifetime MPG of approximately 49, especially with the cost of fuel as expensive as it is now.

I hope you enjoy looking at some photos I have taken of my Prius.

Sadly in November 2010 my Prius was involved in an accident. Fortunately it was repaired rather than written off so I continue to enjoy it.


Proof of my best ever MPG and mileage from a full tank in August 2004.
Click either photo below to view the full-size version.


Photos I took not long after I bought my Prius.

My Prius with a view of the Clifton Suspension Bridge - a well known famous landmark in Bristol, by Isambard Kingdom Brunel

A view of the whole bridge - you can probably tell this is two photos merged together :) Thankfully the sun decided to make an appearance to enhance the photos.

My Prius with the modern second Severn Crossing. A new bridge opened in 1996 carrying the M4 motorway over the River Severn near Bristol. The older bridge can be seen further down this page.

A zoomed in view of the modern bridge. It is a marvellous structure.

Just a little bit further up the river is the older suspension bridge over the River Severn. This bridge was opened in 1966.

A closer view of the bridge - looking splendid in its white coat of paint.

A photo now of my Prius displays - this was taken in summer and I was getting very good MPG and mileage from a full tank.

Here is the satellite navigation system in operation. You can see how the mapping is quite detailed including residential roads and cul-de-sacs.

Taken a few days after I collected my Prius - here it is all shiny and new.

John suggested I take a photo of the split folding rear seats so fellow Prius enthusiasts in the USA can see how this looks in the European model.

Finally, a view of the UK installed 6 CD autochanger in the compartment between the front seats. Also shown is the display when the CD function is selected.


page created by Martyn Hicks on 26 Nov 2002 - updated on 09 Feb 2011 - next planned update will be photos of 100,000 miles on the odometer :)

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