Old and New

  My 1931 Model A Ford is all original except for the head lights which I converted a number of years ago when I drove it at night. The original lens and insides are stored and will be re-installed soon to bring it back to its original look.

I have been driving this car since 1958 when my folks bought it from our neighbor when I lived in Wisconsin. I drove it on dates and courted my present wife in it and both are aging well .

Our new Prius was added to the family on the 31st of December 2003. Both of these cars share the garage and when the door is up they get a lot of attention. The Model A is so simple that anyone could do maintenance on it, compared to the Prius all we can do is the very basics yet both are true pleasure to drive. The old and the new will be around for many more happy miles cruising the streets and highways here in sunny Largo, Florida.



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