Prius Owner:  Mary

Last Updated: Sun. 8/22/2004


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This is how "Yoda" arrived in Minnesota, from California.  Did you know you could purchase a car in another state and have it shipped to you?  That way, you can take advantage of some great prices other dealers have to offer.


John helped me pickup my Prius.


"Size Matters, Not" as Yoda would say, hence the name.

 Prius is a lot bigger and a lot more capable than it looks.


The harsh reality of living in the north...

And worse, soon after this my Prius will not only be cold but will be covered with salt & sand too.  Eww!


When spring finally arrives, this is what Yoda will look like this on the outside.  On the inside, fantastic MPG will be showing on the Multi-Display.


And here's some more photos of Yoda:




Here's full-size versions of each frame in the animation below:

Original,    Blur,    Crystalize,    Pixelate,    Speckle


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