Prius Calendar:  "F"

for 2011

Last Updated: Mon. 4/18/2011

    page #5 this calendar featuring the 2010 model from the many photos in the album, that you may download & print for your own use.


January February March
April May June
July August September
October November December


PDF format:


Download all of the following files by right-clicking each and selecting "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" (depending on your browser type; one-button mouse users will need to hold the CONTROL key also):

    Prius_Calendar-2011_Date-Grids.pdf    0.3 MB

    Prius_Calendar-F_January.pdf    0.5 MB
    Prius_Calendar-F_February.pdf    0.6 MB
    Prius_Calendar-F_March.pdf    1.0 MB
    Prius_Calendar-F_April.pdf    1.4 MB
    Prius_Calendar-F_May.pdf    1.6 MB
    Prius_Calendar-F_June.pdf    1.0 MB
    Prius_Calendar-F_July.pdf    1.1 MB
    Prius_Calendar-F_August.pdf    1.3 MB
    Prius_Calendar-F_September.pdf    2.2 MB
    Prius_Calendar-F_October.pdf    1.9 MB
    Prius_Calendar-F_November.pdf    1.7 MB
    Prius_Calendar-F_December.pdf    1.1 MB


Version X of Reader or Acrobat (10.0) is recommended for best results.  Reader is available free from Adobe... more info


Choose a double-sided type of paper to print on... like the high-quality, heavyweight, matte-finish Hewlett Packard Q5449A.


Prius_Calendar-2011_Date-Grids.pdf needs to be printed entirely first.  Make sure each page is single-sided.  A photo-collage will print on the back afterward.


When printing of the date-grid pages completes, remove the entire stack from the printer and ROTATE it 180 degrees.  (Since most printers flip the page over as it feeds through, you won't need to.)


The "Page Scaling" print setting must be set to none if you want the exact size of the content to be retained; otherwise, it will be reduced slightly when Reader adds margins of its own.  An example of that option within the print setting is shown here.


Add one BLANK sheet of paper to the top of the stack to be printed.  (This is required because each image will get printed on the back of the next month's date-grid, so on the back of the January date-grid will be the February photo-collage.)


Submit each month's photo-collage for printing, one at a time using the printed date-grid stack of paper.  (The printouts will end up with the bottom of the photo-collage matching up with the top of the date-grid on the other side of the paper.)


Take the printouts to a print-service to have a spiral-bind added to join all the pages together, or you can just fasten them with a round clip.


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