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2001 Prius (Classic)

Last Updated: Weds. 6/29/2005


 2001 Prius - Scheduled Maintenance

 2004 Prius - Maintenance Data

 2004 Prius - Scheduled Maintenance

 Maintenance:  Changing Oil

 Maintenance:  Air-Conditioner Filter

 Maintenance:  Wiper-Blades







Wiper-Blades replaced.

The wipers were beginning to leave streaks.  After the replacement, the windshield looks perfectly clear.



Tires rotated & balanced.
Oil & Filter
Engine Air-Filter replaced.

The dealer did the tire work.  Then 29 miles later, I changed the oil (using synthetic again) and both filters.



Oil & Filter replaced.

Switched to SYNTHETIC oil (5W-30 Castrol Syntec).  That will better protect the engine than real oil and will slightly improve MPG.



Intermediate Service:
   Tires rotated.
   Basic Inspection performed (suspension, steering, exhaust, etc).
   Driveline components lubricated.
   Brakes cleaned & adjusted.
   Fluids topped-off.
   Air-Conditioner Filter replaced.



Oil & Filter replaced.
Tires rotated.

The master-tech also did an inspection and asked me about the Goodyear tires.  The service was quick, correct, and free (covered under warranty).  What more could you ask for?



Tires replaced.  $54.98 each, plus installation & tax.

    Goodyear Allegra
   81T speed rating
   44 PSI maximum
   1019 lbs. load maximum
   Standard Rolling Resistance
   10/32 in. tread-depth
   "A" Traction
   "B" Temperature
   560 Treadwear
   75,000 mile warranty

42/40 (front/back PSI) is the air-pressure I ran these tires at for the first 18,000 miles.  Then I switched to 44/42 after observing how well that worked.

Please check my personal-logs for "Alternate Tires" comments.  Here's a few:   Impressions   Nail Puncture   Details   Regenerating   First Gas   No Surging   Wet Roads   Second Gas   2,175 Miles   5,250 Miles   First Rotation   10,000 Miles   Winter Driving   On Slush   44/42 PSI   25,500 Miles 

PHOTOS at 20,729 & 21,274 Miles provide close-up shots for detailed comparisons.  You'll see that the tread held up much better than on the original tires after a similar amount of use.



Oil & Filter replaced.
Inverter Coolant replaced.
Anti-Freeze replaced.

Engine Air-Filter provided  (to compensate for the 22,000 mile mix up)

Tires were at 3/32 in. with some spots at 2/32 in.

Brakes remaining were said to be 6mm front / 4mm back, though I don't believe it.  Brake-Dust has been almost non-existent and the Regenerator provides most of the deceleration.

Full Inspection:  Ball & Joints, Dust Covers, Steering Linkages, Exhaust Pipes & Mountings, Fuel Lines & Connections, Drive Belts, Brake Linings-Disc-Drums, Rack & Pinion Assembly for Leakage, Drive Shaft Boots (retorque flange bolts).

All went well and it didn't cost anything.  The service was estimated to take 3 hours, but it was actually 4.5 (probably due to not having performed this type of service much yet).



Oil & Filter replaced.
Tires rotated.
Inspection performed.
Fluids topped-off.
Air-Conditioner Filter replaced.

Oil work went fine.  Tires were rotated in the pattern I requested.  They were quick.  There wasn't a bill.



Engine Air-Filter replaced.

The dealer misinterpreted the warranty covered maintenance schedule, so the "air" filter was mixed up.  The engine filter wasn't suppose to be replaced yet, it should have been the air-conditioner filter instead.



Oil & Filter replaced.
Tires rotated.
Inspection performed.
Fluids topped-off.

This time was even better, I didn't have a bill to deal with.  They remembered it was free.  I was quite pleased with the whole experience.  But I'm even more excited by the fact that this won't be needed again for 7,500 miles.



Oil & Filter replaced.
Tires rotated.
Inspection performed.
Fluids topped-off.

Everything checked out just fine.  5W-30 was the type of oil used.  $57.98 would have been the bill, but it was waived since that service is completely covered under the warranty.  1 hour was how long the service took (including chatting about the Prius afterward).


Accidents  &  Repairs





no damage

Squished a little furry creature.

A sad event.  Turning in the darkness, I couldn't see him until it was too late.


won't bother fixing

Door-Ding type dent.

It was self-inflicted.  Bummer!  (In the dark, I was loading a large & heavy wood cabinet into the back seat and misjudged the door location.)  Oh well, it could have been much worse.



Touched-Up paint chips.

A few tiny (1/16 inch) chips had developed over the years.  It was time to cover them up.


no damage

Struck a bird.

Poor little guy didn't stand a chance against a Prius.



Steering-Rack was replaced.

There was a recall for this.  It included Prius in the U.S. built before July 1, 2000.  My Prius was actually built on July 1, 2000.  So they didn't do the replacement initially.  At 32,301 miles, the symptoms had become apparent.  They ordered the parts, then 2 weeks later installed them at no charge.



Broke a Stud when tightening a lug. 

The tire had to be removed after piercing it with a large nail.  Toyota service stated a standard retorque can cause a break on rare occasions.  Fortunately, the Prius could be driven that way in the meantime and the repair afterward was simple.



Fuel Door wouldn't open without pushing on it.

It turned out that all the salt & sand the door hinge had been exposed to from the previous Winter dried it out.  Without any lubrication, the spring-hinge didn't swivel on its own.  Adding just a few squirts of WD-40 was all that was needed to fix it. 


no damage

Smashed Into a malfunctioning parking arm.

It came down before I had finished driving through.  That left a streak of white paint that I was able to remove with polishing compound.


no damage

Rear-Ended while waiting at a stoplight.

The bumper absorbed the entire impact from a car revealing only a minor scratch afterward.  There was no internal damage.


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