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Last Updated: Tues. 1/24/2006

Simple Search


There are 2 advanced methods available for searching this website:


One method is to simply download a copy of the personal-log book.  It contains the entire collection of personal log entries documenting my Prius experiences, large updates to this website along with links to those pages are included too.  You may find the offline viewing ability very helpful.


Another method is to use a popular search engine by specifying a site specific request.  Below is an example of how to do that using Google.


Go to


Enter the text "" after the word or phrase you wish to search for.  In this example, the word "oil" was used:

GOOGLE - Search Request


Click the "Google Search" button.  It will reveal a results webpage similar to this:

GOOGLE - Search Results


To narrow the search further (be even more specific), click the "Advanced Search" link at the top of the results webpage.  You will then be presented with a webpage similar to this with the criteria you provided so far filled in already:

GOOGLE - Advanced Search

You may then select from the wealth of options available and resubmit the search.


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