Prius in France

Last Updated: Tues. 2/22/2005


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A visit to the Toyota dealer in Paris...

Prius-In-France_01 Prius-In-France_02 Prius-In-France_03
Prius-In-France_04 Prius-In-France_05 Prius-In-France_06
Prius-In-France_07 Prius-In-France_08 Prius-In-France_09
Prius-In-France_10 Prius-In-France_11  


Another visit to the Toyota dealer in Paris, a year later...

Prius-In-France_12 Prius-In-France_13 Prius-In-France_14
Prius-In-France_16 Prius-In-France_15 Prius-In-France_17
Prius-In-France_18 Prius-In-France_19 Prius-In-France_20
Prius-In-France_21 Fine-N_Prototype


A great big Thank You to Alexandre for taking these photos and sharing them with us.


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