Prius Owner:  Jesse

Last Updated: Sun. 12/11/2005

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Hingham, Massachusetts is where I live.  That 2000 Insight you see below is the first hybrid I owned, purchased on 11/14/02.  Then on 3/11/04, I replaced it with this 2002 Prius...


near Jupiter Inlet, Florida


in my driveway


still in my driveway


at Blue Hills Reservation in Milton, Massachusetts


impressive MPG, from both my hybrids  (click to enlarge)


on the Lake Okeechobee levee in Florida




Me at top of Mt Washington 6288ft NH


View from MT Washington


me and insight meet prius at new england weather conference


prius meets civic hybrid in hingham


random prius in weymouth


64 mpg


Interstate 4.....headin' to Tampa area


prius in Nova scotia


off hwy333 in NS


prius meets ford courrier (converted to electric by jet industries 1981)


electric truck rear


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