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Multi-Display  (Classic)

Last Updated: Weds. 9/22/2010




This is one very long sequence showing energy flows on the Multi-Display.

It's my pride & joy.  Lighting was perfect (it was moments before sunset on a warm Summer day).  The Prius had a long, straight, flat, desolate country road to play on.  We setup the camera and let it run.  All one take.  It came out perfect.  We were able to capture quite a variety of conditions, each very easy to observe.

Watch all the details closely.  The length of the footage helps to explain what you'd actually encounter in real-world cruising on streets at 30 to 45 MPH with moderate amounts of traffic.  You'll see the energy-flow change frequently based on the speed and charge-level.

Video File Details:
  • 6 minutes 19 seconds
  • 320 x 240 pixels
  • 5 frames-per-second
  • 24-bit color-depth
  • no audio track
  • AVI format  (MPEG-4 compression)
  • 8.2 MB


If you'd like a copy of the video file, just right-click this link and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" (depending on your browser type; one-button mouse users will need to hold the CONTROL key also):  DOWNLOAD VIDEO


NOTE:  "Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2" codec (known as "MS-MPEG4v2" by QuickTime) is required to view this AVI format file.  You may need to update your video software for proper playback. 

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