bZ4X Photo Album #1

Last Updated: Fri. 4/07/2023

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Purchase complete.  22 years 6 months of Prius ownership came to an end.  (Weds. 3/29/2023):



The first photos of my bZ4X, taken a minutes before driving to an EV event.  (Weds. 3/29/2023):

bZ4X_FirstDay-WhitetailPark_01 bZ4X_FirstDay-WhitetailPark_02 bZ4X_FirstDay-WhitetailPark_03


My first recharge, confirming a sustained draw rate of 7.2 kW is realistic.  (Thurs. 3/30/2023):

bZ4X_FirstDay-kWhAdded-InProgress bZ4X_FirstDay-ChargeCurve-InProgress  


Looks like AC charging remains consistent beyond 90% state-of-charge.  (Thurs. 3/30/2023):

bZ4X_FirstDay-kWhAdded-Complete bZ4X_FirstDay-ChargeCurve-Complete  


First opportunity to DC fast-charge was in a location not plowed yet.  (Sat. 4/01/2023):

bZ4X_FirstFastCharge_01 bZ4X_FirstFastCharge_02  


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