bZ4X Photo Album #2

Last Updated: Fri. 4/07/2023

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Following a blizzard last night, the morning drive included a camera.  (Sat. 4/01/2023):

bZ4X_Snow-CityHall_01 bZ4X_Snow-CityHall_02 bZ4X_Snow-CityHall_03
bZ4X_Snow-CityHall_04 bZ4X_Snow-CityHall_05 bZ4X_Snow-CityHall_06


I ventured out, looking for scenic areas to get more snowy photos.  (Sat. 4/01/2023):

bZ4X_Snow-AlongTheRoad_01 bZ4X_Snow-AlongTheRoad_02 bZ4X_Snow-AlongTheRoad_03
bZ4X_Snow-AlongTheRoad_04 bZ4X_Snow-AlongTheRoad_05 bZ4X_Snow-AlongTheRoad_06


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