Prius Photo Album #138

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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The weather got better, time to test out the roof-rack with both kayaks  (Sun. 7/19/2009):

Prius_Kayak_43 Prius_Kayak_44 Prius_Kayak_45
Prius_Kayak_46 Prius_Kayak_47 Prius_Kayak_48
Prius_Kayak_50 Prius_Kayak_49 Prius_Kayak_51
Prius_Kayak_52 Prius_Kayak_53 Prius_Kayak_54


The high clouds and low horizon at this location worked out really nice  (Sun. 7/19/2009):



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