Prius Photo Album #139

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Seeing the tank climb to 60 MPG, then stay there, was very exciting  (Weds. 7/29/2009):

Prius-MID_EcoMeter-Green_60MPG Prius-MID_EcoMeter-White_60MPG Prius-MID_EcoMeter-Charge_60MPG
Prius-MID_Consumption-1min_60MPG-01 Prius-MID_Consumption-History_60MPG-01 Prius-MID_Co0nsumption-5min_60MPG-01


It was nice finding out that the 3-bike rack fits well on this Prius too  (Sat. 6/13/2009):

Prius_BikeRack_14 Prius_BikeRack_15 Prius_BikeRack_16


More Summer memories with the 2 kayaks, digital camera, and Prius  (Sun. 7/19/2009):

Prius_Kayak_56 Prius_Kayak_57 Prius_Kayak_58


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