Prius Photo Album #140

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Fall Colors and Snow at the same time sure was an unexpected sight  (Mon. 10/12/2009):

Prius_FallColorsSnow_01 Prius_FallColorsSnow_02 Prius_FallColorsSnow_03


Cold weather indicated it was time to winterize, notice the lower-grille  (Mon. 10/12/2009):

Prius_GrilleBlocking_RealWorld_04 Prius_GrilleBlocking_RealWorld_05 Prius_GrilleBlocking_RealWorld_06


Still reminiscing about a Summer that now seems so very long ago  (Sun. 7/19/2009):

Prius_Kayak_61 Prius_Kayak_60 Prius_Kayak_62
Prius_Kayak_63 Prius_Kayak_64 Prius_Kayak_65
Prius_Kayak_67 Prius_Kayak_66 Prius_Kayak_68


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