Prius Photo Album #169

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Here's the name emblem on the back of that new larger model Prius  (Tues. 5/10/2011):



That long, cold, rainy Spring suddenly provided a warm day for photos  (Tues. 5/10/2011):

Prius-V_back_01 Prius-V_back_02 Prius-V_back_03
Prius-V_back_06 Prius-V_back_04 Prius-V_back_05


Recognize the location?  It's the same park as many other Prius photos  (Tues. 5/10/2011):

Prius-V_side_01 Prius-V_side_02 Prius-V_side_03
Prius-V_side_04 Prius-V_side_05  


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